Best Friends for Life

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Jerry Bruckheimer films have always been some of my favorite movies. Many of his most famous films have similarities. The films I speak of are Top Gun 1986, Bad Boys 1995, Day of Thunder 1990, The Rock 1996, Con Air 1997, Armageddon 1998, Remember the Titans 2000, Pearl Harbor 2001, National Treasure 2004, Pirates of the Caribbean 2003, Prince of Persia 2010, and The Lone Ranger 2013 all have one thing in common. In each film, there are two males that have a strong connection to each other in the form of a friendship that can never be broken. Each of these key scenes adds a super hero persona to the film. Audiences are drawn to these elements of each movie, which is why all of these films are widely popular.

A powerful moment in Top Gun 1986 is where Goose and Maverick are walking toward the plane and Maverick says, I feel the need, the need for speed. In this scene, Maverick and Goose are slapping hands with each other. Any normal male would not slap hands with another normal male unless they had a previous relationship in the form of a friendship. The only way this scene happens is if there is a strong connection or bond between the two characters. This is a theme with almost all of Jerry Bruckheimers films. In a fighter jet, you have to trust the person that you are going into the air with because it could mean your life. This film does a great job of using that connection to create other sympathetic moments.

In Days of Thunder 1990 Cole Trickle and Rowdy burns are in a hospital where they are racing to see who will win in a wheelchair. At this point in the film the two characters do not like each other. In this scene, the two of them are banged up and seem angry. This is a key scene in the film because it is where their respect for each other has started to create a friendship. Not all best friends start out happy, some need a lot of conflict to gain mutual respect. This helps the characters work together to create a lasting friendship.

In The Rock 1996, John Mason and Stanley Goodspeed are forced together because one knows the prison and the other knows how to defuse chemical bombs. This relationship was not by choice, but was fostered from knowledge of the situation they were in. In this scene John has opened the door to where they need to go to get, to the chemical weapons. Some friends have knowledge about a topic that you do not have, such as a plumber and a electrician, so that is how people gain a respect for each other. The knowledge in this scene is vital to the film because without John there, they could never get into the prison. As equally, without Stanley they would not be able to finish the film.

In the film Conair 1997, Cameron Poe and Vince Larkin are drawing guns on each other. The two characters know of each other, but have not met until now. This is a surprise friendship because they come from two completely different sides of the law. One is a criminal and the other is a Marshall. Both are in this moment as equals trying to accomplish the same objective. This kind of friendship will last for the moment, until the task has been completed and then they both will go their separate ways. This scene is important because they had been working together in the film. Each did not know until this moment what the other looked like or how the other could help them accomplish their goal. The only thing that matter was completing their goal.

In Armageddon 1998, Harry Stamper and A.J Frost are put together by a common connection. That connection would be Harrys daughter. In this scene Harry is the father of A.js finance. This carries a lot of weight because the father is making the ultimate sacrifice for his daughter and soon to be grandchild by giving up his life. The father puts AJ back in the ship to prevent AJ from sacrificing his life. He is telling AJ that he has had his time on the planet and has raised his daughter, so now it is AJs turn to the same. This friendship is based on the connection they have for a loved one they both care for, not each other. If they did not have the connection, there is no way these two people would feel strongly about each other.

In Remember the Titans 2000, Coach Boone and Coach Yoast are in this moment where they have to work together to get their football team ready. One controls the offense and the other controls the defense. In this moment, the two of them are coming out of their comfort zone and into a new era of black and white players working together. The friendship that is gained in this moment helps the two of them work together as coaches to win all of their games. If the two of them do not work together, the team would have lost a game and never won the championship. This relationship was forced in order for them to keep their jobs. Without their relationship, both might be working at a fast food place because they would not be football coaches.

In Pearl Harbor 2001, Capt. McCawley and Capt. Walker are using brooms to fake out the opposition into not battling them. This friendship is caused out of fear that the opposition is going to attack them. If the opposition would not have been faked out then it is possible they would have died that day. The fear element in this scene is how the two characters come together in achieving a common goal. Without the fear element, they may never have met and the film would not be as exciting. The combination of the two male characters working together gives the film more credibility. It would be hard to believe one person could take down an army, but it is not hard to believe two people could do it.

The other films on this list, such as, National Treasure 2004, Pirates of the Caribbean 2003, Prince of Persia 2010, and the Lone Ranger 2013 all have two male characters in roles that work off each other to achieve a goal or objective. The friendship that resides in each of these films is either already there or created through a series of events that happen during the film. The excitement that an audience gets from seeing these friends complete the main objective is the purpose of this Jerry Bruckheimer. If not for this element of friendship, would the audience even watch the movie? The answer is no, simply because the task could not get done in the dramatic fashion that the film depicts.


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